The Last Dance - KatSong

KatSong in pictures. Featuring guest vocals from Andy Dean (Bella Morte), Rogue (The Cruxshadows) and Alethea Leventhall (Ships In The Night).


The Last Dance - Thoughtless

The song Thoughtless from the upcoming album Ruins. Featured are photographs from over the many years of touring with The Last Dance.

The Last Dance - Once Beautiful

The official music video for the track Once Beautiful from the album released in 2005 with Dancing Ferret Discs. Featuring Jeff Diehm, Rick Joyce, Peter Gorritz and Tom Coyne.

The Last Dance - Tom Recording for Ruins

Tom goes behind the scenes and invites you into the recording sessions for the upcoming album Ruins.

The Last Dance - Almost Beautiful (DVD)

In the spring of 2005, the popular goth/rock band The Last Dance recorded their latest album Once Beautiful. That summer, the band embarked on a two month US tour to support the album.


The Last Dance - Thoughtless

Track from the upcoming 2015 album.

The Last Dance - Mesmerize

Track from the upcoming 2015 album.



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