Blog Post - Welcome to The Last World.

2016 - Near Dark Over Europe

TLD's return to Europe after many years featured us travelling with friends The Last Cry, Strap on Halo, DJ Martin Oldgoth and our merchbird and crew all in a tourbus, a first for us, with driver Colin. It was a fantastic experience, seeing old friends and fans, meeting new ones, doing what we have always loved and done once again, playing and sharing our music and live show. It is a difficult experience to truly explain, one that is best understood by those who do this, live this type of life, but overall, the experience can best be desribed as feeling the most alive one can feel. Special thanks to everyone who organized and supported this tour, and a very special thanks to Simon Rippin, Velvet Joyce, and Marc Engenhart for joining us onstage and being part of this very special tour. Believe in Angels....TLD

September, 2016 Photograph © Copyright Lee Meadows
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