Blog Post - Welcome to The Last World.

2015 - Strobelight Records - Welcome to The Last Dance

The Last Dance would like to officially announce our partnership with Strobelight Records for the release of our upcoming album, 'Ruins.' Strobelight Records, who have been longtime friends and supporters of TLD through many years, have officially agreed to represent TLD and release Ruins in the territories of Germany, Austria, Italy, France and Switzerland. We are all excited about this, and would like to publicly thank Strobelight for their behind the scenes help in making this album a reality and for their current and ongoing efforts to welcome 2015 back to The Last Dance. As for the rest of the world including the USA, UK, Mexico and all others countries excluding those represented by Strobelight, Ruins will be self-released by TLD under their own label name, Mystine Records. More on our self-release and how all of you can help coming very soon!

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